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When we are young, we tend to exhibit over confidence about our state of health and we ignore what seem to be minor ailments.

A visit to the doctor is a big no-no unless one is so sick there is no alternative. Warning signs are generally put on the backburner and considered unimportant - all with the supreme confidence of youth. But the damage this attitude can cause in the long run is quite scary.

Consider yourself one of those lucky ones if these signs do not show up later in life with more severe consequences - in which case you are indeed blessed. But for the majority, later life becomes burdened with various ailments which, your doctor gently points out, could have been nipped in the bud had they been treated as soon as you had become aware of them. Time for regrets or what?

We give you a few tips to follow in your wellness programme that will give you the right approach to this very important factor in your life.

* Begin by being totally honest with yourself. Are you really and truly 'well' in every sense of the word? Take a look at all the spheres of your life, whether it is the physical, your career, all your relationships, financial position, spiritual aspect, the environment and of course, your emotional well-being. A thorough analysis will help you identify all the areas that need your attention and that need improvement. Next exercise is to set targets for yourself to achieve what you have planned and go about it one step at a time. Maintain a journal to track all this.

* Find out if you are ready for change should your analysis show that you need to make lifestyle changes. Are you prepared mentally to embrace these? Why don't you write down all the benefits that you stand to gain if you make these changes? This activity might help you to accept it better.

* Once your goals are clearly defined, it is up to you to implement your plan effectively. In a clinical way, eliminate all impediments and barriers to your success. Work on one barrier at a time. This will make your approach focused and thorough. Allot a time for everything and adopt a positive approach. Put aside all negative thoughts on your capability to achieve and convince yourself that you will do whatever needs to be done.

* Adopt a different approach to make it a fun exercise. Want to have more physical activity as part of your changed lifestyle? Start walking to work after parking the car a good distance away. Instead of straightaway trying to join a fitness regimen that you may give up soon due to lack of time, this approach will become a part of your daily activity. Mall incremental steps do make a big difference to achieving your goal.

* Recording your daily activities and analyzing the time spent on each will help you create more meaningful wellness priorities. Incorporating new wellness activities slowly and making them part of your daily routine will make things easier for you.

* Never rest on your laurels. Instead strive to achieve more. Start from the simple one and go on to more complicated goals. Always remember to tackle one at a time and give it your full attention.

* Keep working on your goals and devise fresh methods to achieve them. Keep redesigning and refining your goals till you are comfortable. If necessary, get some professional help.

* See that the changes you make are lasting ones that you can maintain throughout your life. Remember, it is a question of your wellness we are talking about. Celebrating your successes might help as an incentive to make further changes. Keep reviewing your successes and try newer approaches to motivate you better.

Your wellness is in your hands. Chart an easily manageable approach and be rewarded with success in achieving your goals. We are generally used to expecting fast results and tend to quit if the results are not immediate. It will do you well to remember that in these matters, long term results with all the time and effort that you put in, will only mean that you can look forward to a trouble free future as far as your health is concerned. Make wellness a way of life and you will be richly rewarded.

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Since the beginning of human civilization, people have wanted to be healthier and more beautiful than those around them. Numerous stories and folklores exists that talk of the beauty of women. Since ages people have tried out the weirdest of things to become the most beautiful living creature on this earth. The various local, national and international beauty pageants are a living testimony to this human obsession for beauty and perfection.

Natural Beauty Tips

Whatever beauty treatment you choose to implement, make sure you stick to it and perform it on daily basis for a long-lasting effect.

* Apply a coating of lemon over your face. If you have an oily skin then this will reduce lubricant and improve your complexion.

* Blend lemon juice with two tablespoons of milk and cream. Rub the mixture on your face and neck and massage it for sometime. Then wash it off. Perform this on regular basis.

* Take one tablespoon of cucumber juice, mix in a few drops of limejuice, a tinge of turmeric powder and blend it well. Apply the mixture and leave it for one hour. Remove it with normal water. This paste is the best whitener for all kinds of skin.

* Slice tomatoes into half and apply it over your face. This will purify the pores and will tone up as well as whiten your skin.

* Dip a piece of cotton wool in normal milk and apply it on your face. To cleanse your skin apply it smoothly all over the face.

* Crush a few cabbage leaves and take out the juice. Melt some yeast in it and add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture. Blend it well and rub it in thick coats over your face and neck. After fifteen minutes wipe the paste with cotton wool dipped in water. This skin aid is for combating dry skin.

* Apply ice covered in cotton wool smoothly on your face to close the open skin pores.

* Mix some carrot and orange juice with a cup of milk. Apply this paste on regular basis to treat smallpox marks.

* Gently rub a paste of glycerine, limejuice and sugar to remove dead skin from the face.

* Combine a teaspoon of turmeric powder with sandal powder, cream and Bengal gram flour. Blend it and make a paste of the mixture. Rub it at least once on regular basis. This beauty treatment will refresh your skin.

* Compress some watermelon juice and rub it for fifteen minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and splash some cold water after that. This mixture clears skin blemishes.

* Mix a half teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of limejuice. Add a few drops of milk into it. Blend it well and rub it over your face for fifteen minutes. This paste will have a gentle bleaching effect on an oily skin.


1. Do people with oily skins also need to use a moisturiser?

Ans: Almost everyone needs to use a moisturiser. Moisturisers are, by and large, water based. Oily skins need water too, but a lot less than dry skins do.

2. What are age spots?

Ans: As people age, their cumulative exposure to the sun builds up. In the long run this tends to affect the skin. Dark spots appear on the exposed parts of the body - like arms and face. Age spots can occur to younger people - but this phenomenon is more common in the white race rather than the coloured people.

3. How can make-up brushes be cleaned?

Ans: Make-up brushes need to be cleaned just the way hairbrushes need to be cleaned. Or they will provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Soak the brushes in tepid water for a few minutes. Then use baby shampoo to gently wash them. Rinse off with tepid water. Air-dry them thoroughly. Dip them into alcohol to sterilise them.

4. How does one try to do away with dark circles under the eyes?

Ans: Genetics and health factors play an important part in dark circles. Use a concealer to lessen the effect of dark circles and make them less obvious. Maintain early nights, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. With time the dark circles could fade away.

5. How can I make my dry skin more oily?

Ans: Lack of water in your body will reflect on your skin. Drinking lots of water will certainly help to hydrate your whole system. But skin needs more than just water to get rid of its dryness. But rich creams and moisturisers are also needed to induce moisture into your skin and give you a glowing complexion. Give yourself a hot oil massage once a week.

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